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Only A Trail Horse: Trail Horses Need Insurance too.

I am only a trail rider….

Black & while horse being ridden in a creek bed
Seasoned trail horse riding the creek bed navigating rocks and holes.

For some reason trail riders under rate themselves and their horses.  Seasoned trail horses will walk through or over anything their rider asks, they will fight the flight instinct when encountering strange scary goblins on the trail, they will not react to bicycles, traffic, trains or boats and they can delicately place their feet safely when encountering staggered wood, logs, vines, rocks and debris to continue safely on their way. These horses are solid, level minded, easy going machines.  Do these horses need insurance?  You tell me how long did it take to create the bond with this horse?  How long and how many miles did you train the horse to become desensitized to the trains, planes & automobiles encountered while riding. Can you afford the medical coverage or replacement of your horse? Trail horses need insurance. Trail riders need insurance for peace of mind.


Many people think, "I don’t need any additional insurance for my trailer & truck." I always ask,  "Do you ever bring a friend with you in your trailer?" If you do, you need additional insurance!  If you are in an accident and God forbid, your friend’s horse is injured, who pays the vet bills?  If the unspeakable happens who buys a new horse for your friend?  Call Leann to discuss the possibilities you can encounter when you put someone’s horse in your trailer and how you can protect yourself.


Horse insurance isn’t only for the fancy show horses or race horses.  Horse insurance is for anyone who wants to have a financial safety blanket when it come to their horse.  Horses can have medical, surgical or mortality insurance to name a few of the most popular types of equine insurance

Horses can have insurances for breeding and fertility, or lack of use from an injury.  Insurance is not limited to the high ticket equines, every horse even ones without show records can be insured because they are valuable to you.  Not to mean that you can insure your horse for a million dollars because you wouldn’t sell him for a million dollars, it means a reasonable value based on age, breed, skills, job and previous medical records can be determined.  So if you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can have surgery if needed or medical bills covered, let us know and LB Farm & Equine Insurance will give you the options and help you decide the best route to take.

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