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My Horse Is Worth A Million Dollars To Me! Should I get equine insurance?

Two spotted gaited horses often called paints looking into a side by side UTV
Two trail gaited trail horses with major medical & mortality insurance.

Is my horse worth insuring?


This such a personal question, that everyone has the correct answer for. 

Before deciding on your answer, ask yourself these questions:

1)    If my horse needed emergency surgery, would I be able to financially provide it? 

a.     If I can provide it, would the money used, impact my day-to-day life or the life of my family?

b.     If I used a loan from family to pay for the surgery, would I be able to repay the loan?

2)    If my horse died, would l be financially able to go buy another horse of equal value? 

a.     If I can buy another horse, would the use of the money to purchase the new horse impact my day-to-day life?

b.     If I used a loan to pay for the new horse, would I be able to repay the loan, would I be able to repay the loan and continue to pay to train, travel, compete with my horse.

3)    If my horse came up with an identified lameness, would I be able to financially explore the possibilities and remedies?

A buckskin weanling colt shedding his winter coat.
From weanlings to aged horses, there is a policy for you.

The list of questions can go on forever and so do the possibilities of insurances you can purchase to protect yourself from a financial hardship should a situation arise.


At LB Farm & Equine Insurance, Leann will help you determine the insurance you need for peace of mind. Your insurance should financially protect you should the day arise that you need help.  Our customers are our family, neighbors, friends, trainers, competition and if you ask them, they will tell you that Leann will not only take care of you when selecting your insurance, she will be there when you need insurance.

LB Farm & Equine Insurance writes policies for all the major insurance companies like Markel insurance, AEIG & ARIC and many others, so she can find the personalized policy for you.

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