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Equine insurance from Leann Bauer; Assured & Insured

Leann Bauer standing next to her quarter horse
Leann Bauer helping you be ready!

I am Leann Bauer and I am your go to insurance broker for all insurance, farm & equine related needs. I welcome the opportunity to introduce myself and give you some background about why I can give you assurance and #insurance.

I have spent my life around the farm and participating in #equineevents. Between my immediate family's involvement in horses and my extended family's involvement in the farming and agriculture industry, it is easy to say I spent a lifetime personally involved in the areas of insurance that I provide.

I want to assure my clients, when it comes to your insurance, I will make sure you are including everything that is needed and protecting yourself adequately. With my experience in the #horseindustry and #farming I am prepared to ask the questions that will assure you that you chose wisely when you selected to work with me, #LeannBauer

#LBFarmandEquineInsurance was created to fill the noticeable void by other brokers not getting all the facts or understanding the industry therefore leaving gaps in the coverages they provide.

For peace of mind, lets talk about your needs and make sure you are covered.

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