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Scary thoughts haunt us, insurance can take some worry away.

What no one is talking about…


No one wants to talk about the injury or death of one of our beloved horses, but we all think about it.


A simple way to have some peace of mind is insurance, it won’t stop something unforeseen from happening, but it will help you make the best decisions for your horse without your finances being the driving force behind your decision.


Let's explore the key benefits of having your horse insured.

Medical Coverage: One of the primary advantages of horse insurance is the coverage it provides for veterinary bills. Equine healthcare can be expensive, and unexpected illnesses or injuries may arise. With the right insurance, you can ensure that your horse receives the necessary medical attention without causing a significant financial strain.


Mortality Coverage: No horse owner likes to think about it, but mortality coverage is an essential component of horse insurance. In the unfortunate event of your horse's death, insurance can provide financial compensation. This ensures that you are not left with the burden of unexpected expenses during a challenging time.


A woman riding her horse through Bryce national park.
Peace of mind, riding through Bryce National Park, knowing my horse has medical insurance.

Surgical Coverage: Surgery is expensive but surgical insurance can lessen the financial burden and help save your horse’s life.  Without surgical you may not have any alternative to save your horse.


Leann Bauer is always there for her horse people, she knows the horse owner’s side and the insurance side.  Using her extensive knowledge in both areas you are sure to have the right coverage for your needs.  She doesn’t sell one size fits all coverage, its tailored to your needs, your finances and your horse.  Leann is able to place insurance with a wide range of companies to best fit your needs. Insurance can help take some of the worry away.


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